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Laser Dentistry

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If you’re worried about getting the dental care you need because of the needle or the sound of the drill, Heather Ridge Laser Dentistry is here to help. Dr. Nallasamy and her team are committed to delivering pain-free gentle care utilizing the latest technology and techniques. Our laser dentistry options will allow you to enjoy unmatched comfort, precise care, shorter recovery times, and improved treatment outcomes!

How Do Dental Lasers Work?

Dental lasers are the way of the future. Grounded in modern science, these cutting-edge devices work by delivering intense, focused light energy. The beams effectively shape, cut through, or even remove soft or hard tissues with virtually no pain or discomfort. Laser dentistry is incredibly gentle and precise, with numerous advantages over traditional treatment options.


Solea Dental Laser

Created With You in Mind

Dreading your next dental visit is a thing of the past, thanks to Solea. Whether you need a cavity filled or require oral surgery, the Solea laser takes the needle, the drill, the noise, and the pain out of your dental visits. Solea is the first CO2 dental laser to be FDA-cleared for treating hard and soft tissues. It offers a unique wavelength guided by innovative computers to allow for virtually pain-free laser treatments.

The Solea Laser vaporizes tissues using light, without any contact, whether we’re treating gum, tooth, or bone. It utilizes a wavelength of light delivered in thousands of pulses per second, which provides an analgesic effect, minimizing the need for local anesthetics. The Solea experience is incredibly unique, allowing you and your family members to enjoy comfortable and effective dental care.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

Dental lasers are highly effective and precise, enhancing treatment outcomes while minimizing bleeding and reducing healing time. They are ideal for various dental procedures, including treating periodontal (gum) disease by decontaminating the deep gingival pockets where gum-disease bacteria flourish. Lasers can also melt away the infection within a tooth and sterilize the root canals without drills or tools.

Dental lasers eliminate bacteria, sterilizing areas of the mouth before or during different dental treatments. They are used to remove areas of tooth decay in preparation for dental filling procedures and play a significant role in emergency treatments, treating tooth sensitivity, whitening teeth, dental cleanings, tooth restoration, snoring therapies, reshaping gum tissues, sleep apnea treatment, and so much more.


Laser Dentistry Near Me in Gurnee, IL

Visit Heather Ridge Laser Dentistry to learn more about our cutting-edge dental lasers and the comfortable, precise, and targeted care they offer. Dr. Nallasamy and her team are committed to providing pain-free dentistry with a compassionate touch. We invite you to call us at 847-356-2336 to schedule your consultation or request an appointment online today.